Fungible NFTs

Create your own NFT collection for games or a collection that utilizes 1 image accross the entire collection (ERC-1155)

ERC-1155 is a digital token standard created by Enjin that can used to create both fungible (currencies) and non-fungible (digital cards, pets and in-game skins) assets on the Ethereum Network. ERC-1155 a new way of creating tokens that allow for more efficient trades and bundling of transactions – thus saving costs. This token standard allows for the creation of both utility tokens (such as $BNB or $BAT) and also Non-Fungible Tokens like CryptoKitties.

To create your ERC1155 Collection

You will have to insert a few parameters:

Contract Details

  • Contract Name - The name of your contract on the network. (No Spaces or Cannot Start with Numbers, i.e. BoredApeYachtClub)

  • Collection Symbol - The symbol of your Collection. (i.e BAYC)

  • Collection Name - The full name of your NFT Collection. (i.e Bored Ape Yacht Club)

  • Collection IPFS - Location of the metadata stored. (can be on your server or IPFS,PINATA)

Supply Details

  • Price - How much will each NFT be worth.

  • Total Supply - How many total NFTs your collection will contain.

  • Max Per Transaction - Anti-Whale - Limit the minting (creation of NFT) quantity per transaction for each user.

  • Max Per Wallet - Anti-Whale - Limit the minting (creation of NFT) quantity per wallet for each user.

Advanced Setup

  • Burnable - Adds a function to burn some NFTs to increase their value.

  • Pausable - Adds function to pause the contract functions in case of a Hack or something else.

  • Burn and Mint Match - Can burn and mint batches of NFT.

  • Payable - This allows you to charge people to mint your collection otherwise it will be a free mint.

  • Hidden/Reveal Functionality - Allows you to reveal your real collection at a certain time. You will be required to enter a hidden ipfs to display the image that will show until your collection is revealed.

  • Premint - Adds a function for the contract owner to mint a certain amount of NFTs for themselves.

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