Token Contract

Create your own cryptocurrency (ERC-20)

To create your cryptocurrency

You will have to insert a few parameters:

Contract Details

  • Contract Name - The Name of your smart contract. (Cannot contain spaces or start with a number, i.e. EthereumContract)

  • Token Symbol - The symbol of your cryptocurrency. (i.e ETH,DAI)

  • Token Name - The full name of your currency. (i.e. Ethereum)

Advanced Setup

If you have a more complex idea, you can click on the Advanced Setup then you will be able to:

  • Burnable - Adds a function to burn some tokens to increase its value.

  • Pausable - Adds function to pause the contract functions in case of Hack or else.

  • Premint - Adds a function for the contract owner to mint a certain amount of tokens for themselves.

  • Decimals - Allows you to choose the number of decimals for your token (default is 18).

  • Airdrop - Adds a function to airdrop tokens to community members.

  • Withdraw - Adds a function to withdraw the money that is currently stored on the contract.

  • Max Supply - Gives you the ability to set a max cap of the total supply of tokens.

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