• Does distribution of funds happen in real-time or after the crowdsale?

  • Can participants receive a refund if the goal is not met?

There comes a time in every crowdsale’s life where it must relinquish the tokens it’s been entrusted with. It’s your decision as to when that happens!

The default behavior is to release tokens as participants purchase them, but sometimes that may not be desirable. For example, what if we want to give users a refund if we don’t hit a minimum raised in the sale? Or, maybe we want to wait until after the sale is over before users can claim their tokens and start trading them, perhaps for compliance reasons?


The PostDeliveryCrowdsale, as its name implies, distributes tokens after the crowdsale has finished, letting users call withdrawTokens in order to claim the tokens they’ve purchased.


The RefundableCrowdsale offers to refund users if a minimum goal is not reached. If the goal is not reached, the users can claimRefund to get their Ether back.

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