LP Token

Create a token with rewards built into them

An LP token, or reflection token, is a cryptocurrency whose holders are rewarded by levying fees on transactions and then redistributing a percentage of the fees charged to them.

A โ€˜reflective tokenโ€™ distributes a percentage of every transaction back to its holders. Token holders are encouraged to hold onto their tokens and earn rewards from transactions on the market by using this mechanism.

To create your LP Tokens

You will have to insert a few parameters:

Token Details

  • Contract Name - The Name of your smart contract. (Cannot contain spaces or start with a number, i.e. EthereumContract)

  • Token Symbol - The symbol of your cryptocurrency. (i.e ETH,DAI)

  • Token Name - The full name of your currency. (i.e. Ethereum)

Supply Details

  • Total Supply - Gives you the ability to set a max cap of the total supply of tokens.

  • Decimals - Allows you to choose the number of decimals for your token (default is 18).

Liquidity Pool Details

  • Router - Set the Defi exhange router address that people will be able to use to swap for your currency. (i.e uniswap v2 - 0x7a250d5630B4cF539739dF2C5dAcb4c659F2488D)

  • Treasury Fee - Set the % fee from every transaction that are sent to the treasury address.

  • Tax Fee - Set the % fee from every transaction that are distributed to all token holders.

  • Liquidity Fee - The % fee from every transaction that are distributed to the liquidity pool.

  • Treasury Wallet - All treasury tokens from the โ€œTreasury Feeโ€ will be distributed to this address.

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