Choosing the Network Chain You Want to Use

Once a contract is deployed to a network you cannot move it to a different
network so it is important to choose the correct one before doing so.

Default Network

By default we will connect you to the Ethereum Mainnet Network. You may want change the network chain you are working on to save gas or if you have a specific network you'd like to deploy to. If this is the case please follow the instructions below.

1. Select Your Desired Network.

Please click on the account button in the top left (This will appear in place of the "Connect Your Wallet" button after you have successfully connected your wallet) to view the available network options.

Select the one you would like to use from the change network dropdown button.

2. Add The New Network.

In case you never configured this network into your wallet. it will ask you to add it to your wallet (approve) before you will be able to switch to it.

If you don't see the network switch message, you might see a blue or red alert icon on your wallet extension. If so, click on your wallet extension to view the message.

3. Click on the Network Again.

You will now receive a message to switch to the selected network. Accept the prompts in the message in order to switch to this network.

Please read through all messages that you receive to your web3 wallet, never accept anything you are unsure of.

Well done!

If your wallet sidebar area is now showing the newly selected network, then you have successfully switched networks and are now working on the one you have selected. To change networks feel free to do so at anytime before deployment of your contracts.

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