Low Gas NFT Collection

Gas optimized NFT Collection for efficient batch minting (ERC-721A)

The ERC721A contract is a powerful way to save your community gas costs and save the Ethereum network from unnecessary congestion by batch minting NFTs.

To create your NFT collection

You will have to insert a few parameters:

Contract Details

  • Contract Name - The name of your contract on the network. (No Spaces or Cannot Start with Numbers, i.e. BoredApeYachtClub)

  • Collection Symbol - The symbol of your Collection. (i.e BAYC)

  • Collection Name - The full name of your NFT Collection. (i.e Bored Ape Yacht Club)

  • Collection IPFS - Location of the metadata stored. (can be on your server or IPFS,PINATA)

Supply Details

  • Price - How much will each NFT be worth.

  • Total Supply - How many total NFTs your collection will contain.

  • Max Per Transaction - Anti-Whale - Limit the minting (creation of NFT) quantity per transaction for each user.

  • Max Per Wallet - Anti-Whale - Limit the minting (creation of NFT) quantity per wallet for each user.

Advanced Setup

  • Whitelist Functionality - Allows you to let Whitelisted members of your community that you want to allow to mint first before anyone else. You will need to enter the root hash of your whitelist merkletree.

  • Hidden/Reveal Functionality - Allows you to reveal your real collection at a certain time. You will be required to enter a hidden ipfs to display the image that will show until your collection is revealed.

  • Airdrop - Allows you to airdrop NFTs to specific wallets.

  • Split Payment - Allows you to split the payout between multiple wallets. This is good to use if you have multiple team members that need to receive a percentage of the payout.

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